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SEPTEMBER 13-21, 2019


A trip of self-discovery and joy with other like-minded women, 6 total, where you will experience the unparalleled beauty of the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, in a profoundly meaningful way

Your trip begins in Naples, the heartbeat and pulse and gateway to the Amalfi Coast. We will all meet there, get to know each other a bit, get our bearings and stay 1 night and 1 day enjoying the vibrancy of this still-authentic Italian city. You will stay in a beautiful and historic, boutique hotel in the old “centro”.  You can stay out all night, enjoying the nightlife, or retire early to be fully refreshed for our journey the next day.

Then on to the “Costiera Amalfitana”, where you will have your first awe-inspiring glimpse of the dramatic coastline and it’s small towns nestled into the hillsides that spill, confetti-like, down to the sea.

You will stay in a private casa in the small town of Praiano for 7 days and nights, where you have the choice of a private room or shared room, for a lesser cost. The home has a garden, plunge pool and outdoor terraces with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea.  Imagine yourself eating fresh local fruit, drinking a cup of black Italian espresso, while gazing out over that vibrant blue sea and her looming misty mountains.   Also at your disposal is a hamman with sauna.   The casa is located in a real neighborhood near a church, a small grocery store and restaurants, where you will rub shoulders with the local Praianese.  The lovely church bells ring out softly during the day marking the slow and languid passing of time.

Staying in a private home is a much more intimate and authentic experience, compared with staying in a hotel. It provides us with common living spaces to hang out, talk, eat, drink and feel connected, yet has ample room to be alone and secluded, whenever you like. Praiano is very safe and people are warm and friendly if you are the same, in kind.

There will be some planned activity each day, but my preferred way to travel is slow, unrushed with plenty of time to savor your surroundings. You will have free time each day to rest, or explore, as you like. Mornings, for the most part, will be leisurely and unhurried.

This is not a typical “tour”. The goal is not to check sites off of your bucket list, but more to focus on the actual experience and feel of your interactions with nature, the sea, and yourself.  The goal is total absorption and a relaxed, easy pace – to experience living more like a local, and learning to enjoy and savor every moment.

     “This was the most amazing and memory-making trip I have ever taken!  I had been to Italy before, but did not fully experience the beauty and culture of the country until I went with Terri’s company.  She was so lovely and everywhere we went, she knew local people. She was a fantastic host – so fun, warm and welcoming. Always making sure that we were all happy and having no worries.  We had plenty of cool, out of the way, hidden places to visit, but also a good balance of downtime, which for me, was really important. I have kept in touch with some of the other women from the trip and we plan to go on another Soul Trip to another part of Italy with Curated Over 40.  My favorite trip ever!”

Sally, Orange County, California


   “I had such an amazing time on our trip with Curated Over 40 to the Amalfi Coast and Rome!  We ate, we drank, we talked, we laughed, we shopped, we swam, we danced. What I loved most about this trip was the connections with the other women and how we bonded with each other and became fast friends.  Terri knows some of the best, hidden places and we all felt very special to be part of being there. It was magical! It was so nice not to have to do the planning and not to be overbooked. It was all such a nice, perfectly leisurely pace and if we wanted we could go off on our own and meet back up later.  Having enough down time for me was key. I was truly able to relax into “la dolce vita” and carry some of that way of living back with me to my normal life. Forever Grazie, Terri!”

Robin from Napa, California



You will be surrounded by like-minded women, all there to have the most wonderful experience with you, and if you feel the need at any time to have alone time, there is plenty of space for that too.

Come with me to this amazing piece of the world and rediscover who you are and want to be! What are you waiting for?


  • Women wanting a more personal, more intimate type of trip.
  • Women over 40 who are physically able to climb several flights of stairs, several times a day.
  • Women who would like to experience the Amalfi Coast on a deeper, more authentic level, mingling with locals and living in a local house – savoring every moment.
  • Women who want a relaxing, leisurely, yet exhilarating trip where every detail has been planned in advance for you. No worries, just go at your own pace and live La Dolce Vita.
  • Women who appreciate beauty.
  • Women who love the company and camaraderie of other women and laughing. Oh, there will be laughing!
  • Women who love the sea and/or boating
  • Women who like music and dancing
  • Women who love fresh food and fantastic local wines
  • Women who want to let their hair down
  • Women who are at a crossroads or a time of life where they want more meaning in life.
  • Women who are ready to spoil themselves a little and reap the rewards of a life well lived
  • Women who want to have fun and live life to the fullest.
  • You, my dear!


  • Women with physical limitations or medical issues that would preclude you from walking up and down stairs and, possibly in the heat. (The entire Amalfi Coast is built vertically and there are no accommodations for these limitations.)
  • Women who don’t enjoy other women
  • Women who are very controlling or need to be on a strict schedule. Some things will be scheduled and some will be spontaneous. Go with the flow is the best fit here.
  • Any overly strict diets, or fish/seafood allergies. (there will be lots of fish/seafood)
  • Anyone allergic to fun and/or beauty or dislikes music and smiling faces
  • Anyone who is afraid of the water or boats (we will be near or in water and boats a lot) Use of water taxis in this area is the preferable way to travel.
  • Anyone looking for a go, go, go, see-every-site in the travel guides, and hurry from place to place tour.
  • Anyone who is looking for the lowest priced tour and 20-30 people in a huge bus tour.

capri amalfi coast trip of a lifetime for women over 40

ciao bella!


about your host

Hi, I’m Terri!

I live in Napa in Northern California with my husband, my two boys, our dog Lola and cat Neow. I have designed, built and decorated two homes and architecture and design are very important to me. I play tennis when I can and love taking short trips with my girlfriends. I love to sing and dance and see live bands and listen to music. But more often than not, you can find me looking at photos of Italy and dreaming of ways to get back and discover new places. Who wants to join me on this journey of self-discovery, fulfillment, enlightenment and living like there’s no tomorrow? It’s bound to be a fun and adventurous ride.


  • Delightful welcome gift bag, curated especially for you.
  • All transportation upon your arrival into Naples, and throughout the trip, including van, land taxis, water taxis, ferries & boats.
  • Daily fresh locally-made breakfast served in the villa
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Fresh flowers in your room
  • A private cooking class, wine tour and tasting or similar event
  • Visit to a local ceramics shop where you may order custom ceramics, dishes, etc.
  • Private full-day trip to Capri, including a private boat with Prosecco and snacks
  • Visit to a local artist’s studio in an ancient Saracen tower
  • All fees for private beach clubs, including lounge chairs and towels
  • All meals, including gratuities
  • Evening at a historic local dance club in an ancient sea cave, including welcome Prosecco
  • All fees associated with museums, exhibits, private gardens or villas, etc.
  • All the joy you can handle and maybe more


  • Alcohol, not mentioned above.
  • Air Transportation or train fare to and from Naples
  • Personal items purchased such as clothing, mementos, etc.
  • Massage or other personal add ons
  • Anything not included in the list of items outlined above.


8 Days, 8 nights

There are tour companies that offer trips to the Amalfi Coast for a lesser cost.

This is not lost on us.

Curated Over 40 offers a true value for our guests that is hard to replicate at any cost. The caliber of the experience, along with the level of hands-on customer service and attention to every detail in making this a “Soul Trip” is more than worth the cost.

Single Occupancy (private room) // $5,400
*Non Refundable Deposit of $ 2,000 is required at time of booking with balance of $ 3,400 due 60 days prior to the trip (this balance may be split into 2 equal payments, upon request)

Double Occupancy (two twins) // $4,800
*Non Refundable Deposit of $ 1,800 is required at time of booking, with balance of $ 3,000 due 60 days prior to the trip (this balance may be split into 2 equal payments, upon request)


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