Funky Cold Medina… a design diary

Dear Diary It's been a little chilly and blustery in Northern California lately.  In just this one week we had a ton of rain (we desperately needed it, but enough already!), below freezing temps and chilly days, high winds (lost a large area of our fence), some minor flooding, hail storms, some full sun and blue skies, some big puffy clouds, and even a dusting of snow.  Old man Winter is definitely loving us this year.  Funky and cold.  So when a woman over 40 can't play tennis, what else can she do?  Redecorate! Casual lounging area. Perfect for [...]

Breakdown, Go Ahead & Give It To Me

I've talked the talk for a bit now, and it's time for me to walk the walk. Just a few years ago, I would have never had the courage to speak publicly about this.  I would and have hid it from everyone, including my husband, my mom, my children and my closest friends.  How could I possibly talk about this?  Their image of me as this loving mom and wife, talented designer, homemaker, and business owner would certainly be ruined and they would all think I was a total loser and weakling.   But the deaths of many people, some of [...]

Love, love, love {all you need is…}

We all grew up listening to the Beatles and remember their song, "All You Need is Love".  Do we still believe it?  Do we live it?  Is it more important than ever?  During midlife, it is essential that we come to terms with where we are.  You cannot just blow off the universe - this is actually happening.  And because it is happening, and it is very real, we need to accept it... accept ourselves and love ourselves.  I call this "midlove".  Love yourself now, and especially now, because now is what we have.  We are in the second half [...]

If You Had a Magic Wand

  We used to call it a "Midlife Crisis", but I like to call it "the Magic in Midlife".  It's a time of change, of new beginnings, of reassessing our lives and reinventing ourselves.  It's exciting and it can be magical.  Are you ready for a positive shift? With women living to be 100, women 45-70ish now realize that we now could possibly have 30-50 years of our lives left to live!  That's very empowering!  What do you want it to look like?     This could be a magical time!  You now have significant life experience.  You are more [...]

Ciao, bella!

I'm Terri Lee, wife and mom to 2 teen aged boys (twins).  I'm over 60 and probably like most of you reading this, looking for more in my "middle age".  My boys will be leaving the nest soon, and I have found myself wondering what else is out there, what can I create, what can I make my life in my second go-round?  After much soul searching and help along the way from lots of other women navigating this same journey, I have started to figure it out. I'm introducing "Soul Trips" to Italy, inspiring and empowering retreats for women [...]

It’s Your Thing {do what you wanna do}

So, maybe you remember the Isley Brothers, maybe you don't... either way, one of the best lyrics of all time and kind of one of my mottoes. (And if you don't know the Isley Brothers, maybe it's time to put some funk into your soul). This life we've been given, the only one, is today. If you're reading this, you are probably like me, in your prime at mid-life somewhere. This is not your grandma's or your mom's midlife. We baby boomers have set the bar high all along and now is certainly no time to give in to the [...]

We are “Women of OUR Age” and WE ROCK!

We women in our 50's, 60's and beyond have seen a lot. We stood up, sat down, we burned our bras. We really made a difference.  We've done a lot, and we are not about to retire to a rocking chair and knit an afghan (remember afghan's?)  And we are not done yet!     Nope! We have always been pioneers, brave women who take a stand and don't shy away from a challenge or a chance to make a difference. Now that the second half of our lives are upon us, we still feel this way. We want to [...]

Andiamo, regazze!

Our "Soul Trip" to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast is now officially open for reservations. It's a small group of only 6 women. This is not a "tour" - it is a magical experience for your senses, your mind and soul. A more local and authentic retreat for women in a private villa in a small town where you will be among locals. Say, "YES" to giving back to yourself. Say, "More, please". Say, "I truly want and deserve this." Spend your days savoring the landscape, the people, the food and wine, the music, the architecture, and the language. Wake up [...]

Dream it, See it, Believe it

Have you ever made a Vision Board? or a Manifestation Board, a Dream Board? Maybe it's time.  It's such a valuable, not to mention really fun, tool to create and use to help you discover and manifest the things that are important to you - things, experiences, the lifestyle that you desire. It may sound a little "out there" or unscientific, but it is one of the most influential things you can do to help turn these desires into reality in your life. You will use this Vision Board to inspire and motivate these things to come into your life.  [...]

Happy New You!

  I have never been a big fan of so-called "New Year's Resolutions".  I think they are usually so broad and sweeping, or ill-conceived that by about one month into whatever it was that we swore we would not do anymore, or what we would do, we just give up. Not that you need the end of one year and the beginning of a new year to start anything, but it is kind of a milestone event every year.  And there is already champagne and confetti built in, so why not?     How about this... why don't we instead [...]

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