I’m Terri Lee, wife and mom to 2 teen aged boys (twins).  I’m over 60 and probably like most of you reading this, looking for more in my “middle age”.  My boys will be leaving the nest soon, and I have found myself wondering what else is out there, what can I create, what can I make my life in my second go-round?  After much soul searching and help along the way from lots of other women navigating this same journey, I have started to figure it out. I’m introducing “Soul Trips” to Italy, inspiring and empowering retreats for women over 40.  I’ll be here sharing my little nuggets of motivation and support and hoping to make some connections with other women of our age, in our prime, and ready to go!



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Pop in from time to time to see my ideas and opinions for living our best lives as we navigate the second half (the best half) of our lives.  I will be featuring narratives on self-care and self-discovery, how to live our most authentic lives now, living “la dolce vita”, style at any age, ideas on design and decor, tons of inspirational photos and eye candy, travel ideas and tips, and for those of you looking for a little extra help with awakening your true inner self and connecting, in person, with like-minded women.


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I have been obsessed with Italy for many years, and travel there often.  I’ve gotten to know a few regions very well and am always eager to share them with anyone who will listen.    For many years, people have told me that I should do this for a living, and so I had a kind of epiphany one day about doing just that.  And so, as part of Curated Over 40, I will be hosting small, intimate and authentic retreats for women over the age of 40 in Italy, called Soul Trips.  I call them “Soul Trips” because they are retreats for women where your senses will be awakened and your soul will be enriched by this type of travel.


Our next “Soul Trip” will be in September, 2019.  I will take 6 like-minded women on an enchanting, exhilarating and authentic retreat to my favorite spots in Naples and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.  This is not a typical “tour” – in fact, it’s not a tour at all.  I am not a fan of tours.  All that moving around too quickly and not having any real time to get the feel of a place.  This is a very personal trip where you will be staying in a local villa in a small town, a little off-the-beaten path, but very central to everything that is magical in this wonderous area in Southern Italy.

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This is “slow travel“.  The emphasis is on the whole experience… the feel of it, the sense of it.  You can stay up late or go to bed early, sleep in late or get up before the sun.  You will have plenty of quiet and/or alone time to explore solo or contemplate.  I will have planned outings, but they are all very relaxed and you will be surrounded by beauty and a more “local” feel.  What you should expect is to have all of your senses tickled and your heart lifted.  What you should not expect is to be on a fast-paced, go everywhere and see every major landmark tour.  This is your time to shine and connect with your inner goddess.  To revel in the beauty everywhere, the food, the language, the people, the sea!

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You will savor your time in Italy with long, relaxing meals interspersed with languishing by the pool and terraces at our villa with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea out to Capri.  We will walk a lot (and there will be many, many sets of stairs and hills).  The towns of the Amalfi Coast are mostly vertical and climbing and descending stairs are part of the charm.  We will also take many boat rides (as water taxis and longer rides to tour the coast and out to Capri).  We will drink local wines and dine on lots of wonderful pasta and fresh-caught seafood specialties.  And you will want to bring at least one party outfit for our night of dancing in an historic sea cave, while drinking Prosecco.


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I hope you like lemons, because this is the land of lemons.  And the Amalfitana pride themselves on their world-famous lemons.  They have the most delectable lemon cake that is perfectly not-too-sweet with just the right amount of tartness, that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more!  The days will be long and the nights will be too short.  We will create the most wonderful memories to last a lifetime.  Are you getting the picture of these wonderful retreats for women?

If this description of Curated Over 40’s retreats for women has you thinking that you need to know more, stay tuned, or better yet, leave me a message, comment, or get in touch and I would be happy to give you more info. You owe it to yourself to take a closer look, especially on my Instagram feed! There are only 6 spots on this Amalfi Soul Trip!


Ciao bella,

Terri Lee