We women in our 50’s, 60’s and beyond have seen a lot. We stood up, sat down, we burned our bras. We really made a difference.  We’ve done a lot, and we are not about to retire to a rocking chair and knit an afghan (remember afghan’s?)  And we are not done yet!



Nope! We have always been pioneers, brave women who take a stand and don’t shy away from a challenge or a chance to make a difference. Now that the second half of our lives are upon us, we still feel this way. We want to be that best that we can be, we want to live our lives and we are gonna go down swingin’.

We are not women “of a certain age”, we are women of “our age“.

And we rock!


retreat for women over 40
We got educated.  We found new careers and got to see the world. No longer was becoming a secretary one of the only options women had.  We were liberated and ready to take on the world!
retreat for women over 40
We were the originators of the mini skirt, platform heels, shaggy haircuts, flowers in our hair and wide legged jeans.  Always brave and curious, not happy to just sit back and take whatever was given to us.
We wore fringe before it was called “boho”. We had the original music festivals, Woodstock, Days on the Green, Bill Graham and The Fillmore concert halls. We wore flowers in our hair and burned our bras. We were badass, and still are!

Now that we are here navigating the second phase of our lives, we have more choices than any other generation of women in the past. We can start our own businesses, or just spend more time doing what we love. It is no longer taboo to travel alone. We grew up breaking constraints and we still are.


You have so many choices and are really only limited by yourself and what you perceive to hold you back.

So what do you want to do now with the rest of your life? Now that the kids have gone and your time is freed up? Now that you finally have the means to really think about what you want? What do you want???


Long gone are the days of selling Tupperware and getting dinner on the table. But I do still love that Saarinen tulip table!

Time to get out your tablet or put pen to paper and start brainstorming on what your ideal like would look like now…

Have you always wanted to learn French? play piano, paint, write, learn photography, learn to salsa, spend a month in Italy, start a business, create a non-profit, run for office? We have plenty to offer. Don’t underestimate yourself.

And now is the time. Start today. Look your fear straight in the eyes and then power on through. The only thing stopping you is … Y O U! Join me in the next Soul Trip, a retreat for women over 40.

retreats for women over 40, soul trips, retreats in Italy

This last photo is of the spectacular Amalfi Coast. If going to Italy is part of your plan, and WHY NOT?, then check out my Soul Trips for women of our age. Travel is the best investment you can make in yourself, and a Soul Trip is an inspiring and empowering retreat for women over 40.

I hope some of this resonates with you.

Now get your beautiful self going and break some more boundaries!

Ciao bella,

Terri, xoxoxo